We are a team of youngengineers specializing inhuman-centered technology appliedto business*

*We are not a simple Sofware House



A human approach designed for business with cutting-edge technologies

The core of our solutions is the
end-user: their feelings, their satisfaction.
We design application systems according to a human-centered development cycle

Multidisciplinary studies, based on advanced tools and techniques such as questionnaires, interviews, task analysis, prototyping, user testing and evaluation by experts, allow us to offer the user a pleasant experience while using highly complex solutions.

The result is a new way to experience information.


The use of immersive and highly intuitive graphical user interfaces reduce training time devoted to the field operator and increase acceptance of the product, with consequent benefits in terms of costs and investments required.

The concept of user experience has always been related to the consumer, but it could and should be moved to the organizational context: EXALTECH cares about the operator’s active involvement as a standard for the development of any solutions.


The creation of innovative experiences comes from research: development and innovation are the strengths of a young and curious approach, open to the future.

The care for businesses’ needs, led EXALTECH to explore new frontiers of technology related to the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) concept and wearable devices for the creation of an intelligent and revolutionary ecosystem:

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