We have created innovative experiences since 2009, specifically since 6 young engineers (EXA) from Latina, Italy (LT) decided to transfer their passion (TECH) to medium and big enterprises.

Collaborating with EXALTECH we have been able to develop state-of-the art research publication management systems and reduce the workload for our researchers. Marco Schaerf
Professor and research catalog supervisor Sapienza University
The EXALTECH technical advice has been an integral part of the development of our social CRM platform called ECCE Customer. The EXALTECH team has followed our software development team just after the product launch in the Italian market in 2012.
The EXALTECH team has made a huge contribution to the development of our software on the architectural and back-end side, as well as on on the front-end and graphical user interface. In few months, thanks to their support, ECCE Customer has developed the whole crawling architecture for social data and all the parts for archiving data in our data warehouse, exploiting SQL standard technologies and NoSQL too. Determinant, it was their support in the creation and maintenance of the crawler that allows us to capture data from different sources using the API technologies available for each platform.
A key impact was also made by the consulting team in the implementation of the front end for social customer service app. They helped in creating a solution with a corporate footprint, that is currently used by several Italian multinationals. As part of their accomplishments EXALTECH engineered the real-time social channels for integration with enterprise legacy CRM.
Critical to us was their approach to teamwork and project management skills that allowed us to always be up-to-date with the time required by customers and continuous technological changes brought by the liquid social market.
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VP, Product Management at Decisyon
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