We are a team of youngengineers specializing inhuman-centered technology appliedto business*

*We are not a simple Sofware House



A human approach designed for business with cutting-edge technologies

The core of our solutions is the
end-user: their feelings, their satisfaction.
We design application systems according to a human-centered development cycle

Multidisciplinary studies, based on advanced tools and techniques such as questionnaires, interviews, task analysis, prototyping, user testing and evaluation by experts, allow us to offer the user a pleasant experience while using highly complex solutions.

The result is a new way to experience information.


The use of immersive and highly intuitive graphical user interfaces reduce training time devoted to the field operator and increase acceptance of the product, with consequent benefits in terms of costs and investments required.

The concept of user experience has always been related to the consumer, but it could and should be moved to the organizational context: EXALTECH cares about the operator’s active involvement as a standard for the development of any solutions.


The creation of innovative experiences comes from research: development and innovation are the strengths of a young and curious approach, open to the future.

The care for businesses’ needs, led EXALTECH to explore new frontiers of technology related to the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) concept and wearable devices for the creation of an intelligent and revolutionary ecosystem:

discover Pullsar


<!--:it-->Pullsar Packaging | Ottimizza i processi produttivi con l'IoT<!--:-->

Pullsar Packaging | Ottimizza i processi produttivi con l'IoT

L'ecosistema intelligente per ottimizzare le operazioni produttive dell'area Packaging
<!--:it-->Quantum | Analisi finanziaria e studi attuariali <!--:-->

Quantum | Analisi finanziaria e studi attuariali

Il software multifunzionale per studi di ricerca attuariale
<!--:it-->Decisyon/Engage | CRM per il Social Networks data management<!--:-->

Decisyon/Engage | CRM per il Social Networks data management

Il CRM (Customer Relationship Management) di Decisyon per la gestione dei canali social aziendali
<!--:it-->BibShake | Sistema di validazione articoli di ricerca<!--:-->

BibShake | Sistema di validazione articoli di ricerca

Il sistema per la gestione del patrimonio di competenze scientifiche della Sapienza Università di Roma
<!--:it-->Infostud 2.0 | Gestione carriere studenti<!--:-->

Infostud 2.0 | Gestione carriere studenti

Web-app sostitutivo di Infostud, il sistema di gestione studenti della Sapienza Università di Roma
<!--:it-->CHERPLAN | Sistema WebGIS<!--:-->


Applicativo WebGIS per la gestione dati di siti patrimonio UNESCO
<!--:it-->SIVaS | Sistema di valutazione per la Sapienza Università<!--:-->

SIVaS | Sistema di valutazione per la Sapienza Università

Studio di fattibilità per il sistema di valutazione delle strutture didattico-amministrative
<!--:it-->EXPLORA LATINA | Mobile app per Un-industria Latina <!--:-->

EXPLORA LATINA | Mobile app per Un-industria Latina

Applicazione mobile legata agli eventi, agli itinerari di gusto, cultura e natura dell'Agro Pontino


We have created innovative experiences since 2009, specifically since 6 young engineers (EXA) from Latina, Italy (LT) decided to transfer their passion (TECH) to medium and big enterprises.

Collaborating with EXALTECH we have been able to develop state-of-the art research publication management systems and reduce the workload for our researchers. Marco Schaerf
Professor and research catalog supervisor Sapienza University
The EXALTECH technical advice has been an integral part of the development of our social CRM platform called ECCE Customer. The EXALTECH team has followed our software development team just after the product launch in the Italian market in 2012.
The EXALTECH team has made a huge contribution to the development of our software on the architectural and back-end side, as well as on on the front-end and graphical user interface. In few months, thanks to their support, ECCE Customer has developed the whole crawling architecture for social data and all the parts for archiving data in our data warehouse, exploiting SQL standard technologies and NoSQL too. Determinant, it was their support in the creation and maintenance of the crawler that allows us to capture data from different sources using the API technologies available for each platform.
A key impact was also made by the consulting team in the implementation of the front end for social customer service app. They helped in creating a solution with a corporate footprint, that is currently used by several Italian multinationals. As part of their accomplishments EXALTECH engineered the real-time social channels for integration with enterprise legacy CRM.
Critical to us was their approach to teamwork and project management skills that allowed us to always be up-to-date with the time required by customers and continuous technological changes brought by the liquid social market.
Read more… Cosimo Palmisano
VP, Product Management at Decisyon
From traditional
to augmented
Raffele Giuliano

Raffele Giuliano


Short description about how cool John Doe is!

Marco Piva

Marco Piva


Short description about how cool John Smith is!

Emanuele Tracanna

Emanuele Tracanna

VP of Quality Engineering

Short description about how cool Jane Smith is!

Gaetano Di Giacomo

Gaetano Di Giacomo

VP Engineering

Short description about how cool Jane Doe is!

Fabio Terella

Fabio Terella


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Daniela Scimmi

Daniela Scimmi

Fabio D'Aprano

Fabio D'Aprano

Giada Parolin

Giada Parolin

Simone Caminati

Simone Caminati


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Elisa Filabozzi

Elisa Filabozzi

Giovanni Fiorini

Giovanni Fiorini

Fabio Marchetto

Fabio Marchetto

Una squadra unita

Una squadra unita







“PULLSAR is an ecosystem composed of intelligent software, sensors and devices that enrich the environment by increasing the interaction between the parties involved”.


A new interaction: towards information contextualized

The PULLSAR ecosystem is equipped with an intelligent platform that analyzes and monitors all changes of state in the production context in which it is connected. Its unique feature is the Complex event processing (CEP): the platform reacts based on specific business rules related to the mode of operation in the context. The encounter between environmental stimuli, detected by advanced sensors, and set business rules triggers a specific reaction. That reaction is related to the possible interactions, which can be categorized into three types:

Machine to Machine

Machine to Human

Human to Human

In other words, the platform collects environmental events and on the basis of all set rules, sets out the actions to be taken. From the range of available information, the most relevant for each operator is selected, and sent at the time perceived as the most useful. Processed information is then contextualized, clear and selective with respect to the operator and the moment: at the occurrence of certain conditions (a malfunction of a machine, for example) the platform is able to detect the target (the operator of the field closest or recognized as responsible) and the type of information to be sent (problem, action to be taken).

Generally, the information sent to the operators refers to what is happening in the surrounding environment, the status of equipment with which they interact, the activities they carry out. Other times, the input selected by the platform can result in a suggestion, behaviors to be implemented. In all cases, the information is presented in a manner:

  • contextualized, intelligent, close to operator
  • clear and easy to understand by human-centered solutions
  • quickly available through wearable devices

Due to the nature of the information exchanged within the ecosystem PULLSAR, you can look at the relationship between the parties involved as an augmented interaction, enriched and extended on several levels. This change of perspective involves the optimization of operations in order to enhance any environment and production process: the human-computer interaction becomes smart and less liable for error.


The IoT component: interconnection as a key

The ongoing research in the field of experimental technology led EXALTECH to explore the world of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices (smartwatch, smart glasses, etc.) that allow users to view the information mode hands-free. In this case the user’s attention is not compromised, so he can interact with the information in a more immediate way.

In a business context, the use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable devices becomes a truly competitive advantage: visit the official website of Pullsar to learn more about the sensors and devices.

La filiera del packaging: un caso concreto


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